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DCP Animation Stereoscopic Colour

Derby Baby

MadWerkz completes Digital Cinema Package for Festival favorite Derby Baby, produced by Dave Wruck.

Graphic Comic Open

Animator Jeff Black brings characters to life with a colorful comic book Open for Deadly Return. More

Intelligent Management

MadWerkz constructs a six disc, 3D BluRay featuring S3D and custom rigging. More

Rum Colored Glasses

MadWerkz grades Producer Gina Brinker and Director Andrew Fenske's SciFi short "Rum Runner". More


Deadly Return Project HD Trailer 1 from Joddy Eric Matthews: Director on Vimeo.

In Production - Trinity Hellwater

Madwerkz and Tempest Films have begun production of Trinity: Hellwater, a six episode motion comic based on the upcoming Feature Film, Trinity: Sons of The Nephilm. Written by Jasmine Goldfin.


News - MadWerkz completes DCP for Theatrical Documentary "Derby Baby"

News - MadWerkz will produce VFX for Marc and Elaine Zicree for the Feature "Ashes"

News - MadWerkz on HiVelocity Magazine

A great article on MadWerkz for HiVelocity Magazine. Read Article in Hivelocity Media


Services News - Stereoscopic Production

MadWerkz can produce cutting edge imagery for s3D delivery via dual RED MX Cameras, an 3D Film Factory Beamsplitter Rig and a powerful stereoscopic workflow tools

Services include 2D to 3D stereo conversion, rotoscoping, vfx, animation and grading with output to stereo Digital Cinema Packages via jpeg2000. More